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Monterey, California
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See Blue Whales in Their Natural Habitat at Monterey's Whale Watching Tours

The rich waters of Monterey Bay are a favorite destination for the world's largest mammals, who arrive in droves to feed, socialize, and play all round the year. Watch Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Gray Whales, Orcas and Dolphins in their natural habitat. Go into deep ocean with comfortable 2 or 3-hour cruises on charters of your choice with a marine biologist/naturalist explaining the nuances of marine life in the sea and adjacent coastal region. You may also get to see other marine animals on a clear day like sea turtles, sharks, otters and seals. Grab your bowl of warm clam chowder and gaze into the blue.



  • Prices:Charters starting from $24
  • Hours:10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (All Days)


  • Sunset Cruises
  • Charter Trips
  • Private Events


  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Coastal Scenery
  • Ocean Cruising
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Naturalist Guide


  • What should I bring to Whale Watching tour?

    Comfort is key when you go whale watching in Monterey, CA. Dress in warm layers, including long pants and a warm, windproof jacket as there is extreme wind chill in the coastal side and temperatures are usually lower on sea than on land. Shoes should have flat soles and closed toes, and you may also want to wear a sun hat or warm cap. Bring sunglasses, sun block, and chapstick, and make sure that your camera has a charged battery and plenty of space in its memory. It’s better to have waterproof covering for your cameras and electronic gears.
  • Do I need to book whale watching tours in advance in Monterey?

    Being a popular attraction in Monterey, there is a high demand for these tours throughout the year. Advance bookings are highly recommended, especially during weekends and the summer months. Tickets for whale watching tours in Monterey Bay can be purchased in advance online or over the phone. Contact our concierge desk to help you arrange your local tours and adventures.

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